Wonderful hikes

In a stunning landscape

Klaar om meer te ontdekken?


Walk through fields and farmlands, breathe the fresh air in the woods, enjoy the silence of “Burreken”, sit back and relax, surrounded by the most stunning views. Maarkedal is full of beautiful spots and surprising landscapes. Nature is always your travel companion here.

Enjoy the silence in “Burreken”, a natural park situated on the border of the villages Brakel, Horebeke and Maarkedal. You find a unique combination of woods, valleys, hills, grassland, fauna and flora. “Burreken” is managed by the organisation “Natuurpunt”.
There are two marked hiking trails:  www.burreken.be – acces via Ganzenberg and Korteberg  – itinerary starts at the church of Schorisse.

Bos ter Rijst” is a natural preserve of 26 hectares with a central walking trail of 2 km, with wooden benches and picnic tables, allowing some rest. The walking trails winding through the woods are called “Getuigenheuvels Vlaamse Ardennen” and the route “Omer Wattez”:  www.natuurenbos.be/bosterrijst – access via Bosterijststraat in Schorisse.


Put on your walking shoes, hiking is fantastic here! Through the woods, along the many rural roads, through the fields… Enjoy peace, simplicity and get a feel for the beautiful scenery.


The area in and around Maarkedal is the setting of the Tour of Flanders! The steep hills and the many rural road make Maarkedal a paradise for biking lovers and mountainbike fans.

  • Signposted cycling trails in Maarkedal and the Flemish Ardennes (all illustrated in English in the house):
  • Live your own tour of Flanders, 5 routes, 29-54 km (18 -34 miles)
  • Biking trail  Tour of Flanders , 3 routes, 78-114 km (49-70 miles)
  • Cycling network Flemish Ardennes, ceate your own loop by means of junction points
  • Mountainbike route Maarkedal – Ronse: 2 routes, 25-27 km (16 and 16,5 miles)
  • Bike renting:
  • AA fietsen (AA bikes): www.fietsenverhuur.com, tel 0032(0) 476 42 08 41
  • Koen Descamps: www.descampskoen.be, tel 0032(0)55 20 70 25


  • Trips on vespa scooters, www.refugetrips.be, tel 0032(0)495 59 94 33
  • Hof ter T’hont: trips by carriage or wagon, tel 0032(0)496 60 91 33
  • ‘t Perdegedoe: trips by carriage or wagon, www.tperdegedoe.be, tel 0032 (0)55 45 50 83
  • Hof te Ruitegem: farm with small horses, walks and carriage rides for wheelchair users www.ehruitegem.be, tel 0032(0)484 40 43 21
  • Verdonckt: carriage museum, www.koetsen-verdonckt.be, tel 0032(0)484 40 43 21
  • Why not, discover Maarkedal with a Citroën 2CV: www.2cv-co.be, tel 0032(0)55 60 44 25, e-mail: info@2cv-co.be


The typical landscape of the Flemish Ardennes makes Maarkedal a true mill town, with windmills on the hilltops and water mills in the course of the brook. The Kasteelmolen (Castle mill) is Schorisse, owned by the Lord of Schorisse from the 15th till the end of the 18th century, still grinds very regulary. The current miller Rufin Vanderdonckt is the fifth generaltion of the family who uses this watermill on professional basis. The windmill of the Bossenaereheuvel runs rather sporadically. Both mills can be visisted on demand.

  • Kasteelmolen (Castle mill): Parkstraat4 in Schorisse, tel 0032(0)55 45 51 94
  • Ladeuzemolen: Ladeuze in Etikhove
  • Romansmolen: Kokerellestraat in Maarke-Kerkem
  • Ter Borgtmolen: Borgtstraat in Maarke-Kerkem
  • Bossenaarmolen: Langekouter Aatse Heerweg in Etikhove
  • Molen ter Hengst: Ommegangstraat 52 in Nukerke
  • Molen ter Kruissens: Ommegangstraat 2 in Nukerke
  • Molen ter Sleepe: Weitstraat 4A in Nukerke


Ronse is a pleasant city with shops, cafes and a wide choice of restaurants. The Art Deco and Art Nouveau houses remind you of the long and rich textile history of the city.

  • Villa Carpentier, Victor Horta was one of the founders of the Art Nouveau in Belgium. Most of his creations can be seen in Brussels, he only builded one landhouse outside of Brussels: his summer residence Villa Carpentier in Ronse: Doorniksesteenweg 11, 9600 Ronse
  • Art deco in Ronse: Between the two wars, Ronse enjoyed a golden period in the textile industry. On the edge of the city, wealthy executives and textile barons built beautiful houses in the most fashionable style of that time. The brochure “Art Deco in Ronse” is the perfect guide to discover all the most beautiful architectural places in Ronse,  http://www.mytours.be, de Art deco Tour “art deco ten voeten uit” present in the house, the walking tour takes  2 hours and can be guided: toerisme@ronse.be
  • De Smaakkaart, (Taste Card) , from Wednesday till Sunday: a walk to discover the tasting local specialities. She treats you to a city tour wirh central tasting. Cost: €15,00 – only for sale at the Renaix Tourism Service. Note: Are you with more than 6 people, then you better book in advance: www.visitronse.be
  • De Sint-Hermescrypte: The Crypt of Saint-Hermès: it is unique in Belgium. It serves as the preservation of the relics of the local saint, who is the patron of the neurotic and mentally ill. In the Middle Ages, Ronse was an important religious center. The pilgrims came from all over to ask for help and care. Saint-Hermès is represented as a Roman officer on his horse. The life-size statue stands above the reliquary in the church of Saint-Hermès. Sint-Hermesstraat, Ronse
  • De Ijsmolenhoeve: is the ideal place outside for a day of adventure for children. Thanks to this unique concept, they enjoy a pleasant mix of animals, nature and adventure (including laser shooting. Sublime location at the foor of the Muziekbos (very close to the holiday house, can be done by foot). The Ijsmolenhoeve is part of Tsjaka Adventure, a young dynamic team that organizes events for groups, schools and companies (team building, communion and birthday parties, etc.) Kanarieberg 1, 9600 Ronse, tel 0032(0)55 60 96 07, www.deijsmolenhoeve.be


  • Center Ronde van Vlaanderen: If you want to relive the heroism or round-the-clock first-hand experience what this makes climb the legendary climbs and paved ditto, the Tour of Flanders Center is the ideal place. Stroll through your heart around this site and find out how you can spend an unforgettable day. http://www.crvv.be
  • MOU: In the museum you meet Charles V and his natural daughter Marguerite and Adriaan Brouwer, with his paintings of famous beers, as well as Louis XIV, who bit the dust in the surroundings of Oudenaarde. Famous inhabitants of the city like Frank De Bleeckere explain why they love the city so much. The topmodel Cesar Casier and four other heads of characters are easily photographed by Stephan Vanfleteren. In addition, the MOU is located in one of the most beautiful town halls of Belgium, which is in the center of the market of Oudenaarde. The museum is located in the oldest part of the town hall: the cloth hall from the 14th century and symbol of the rich textile industry of Oudenaarde.www.mou-oudenaarde.be

PAIRI DAIZA: is recognized as the most beautiful zoo in Belgium and the Netherlands.  Visit the giant pandas, gorillas, orangutans, white tigers and koalas, .. there is for all ages!! Located 30 min from Maarkedal. www.pairidaiza.eu

A magnificent exhibition in a park.
During the summer open on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays from 2 to 7 pm. www.beukenhof.com



Les Soeurs Louise: bar-restaurant, Louise-Mariestraat 17, tel 0495 23 73 06, www.tavernelouise.be, located some houses from Le bonheur de Louise, really very good!
Amberhoeve: for groups, Stokstraat 6, tel 0495 50 95 12, www.amberhoeve.be
Amuzeke: bar, Poesthem 10, tel 0486 54 04 81, www.amuzeke.be
Café Kadee: bar, Etikhoveplein 1, tel 0476 29 42 37, Café Kadee op FB
De Lustige Boer: bar, Maarkeweg 72, tel 0479 53 59 08
Den Os: bar, Oude Steenweg 10, tel 0476 06 03 42, www.facebook.com/cafedenos
Den Tempel: bar, Maarkeweg 86, tel 0498 26 79 02
De Schorre: restaurant, Hofveldstraat 63, tel 0477 79 85 70, www.restaurantdeschorre.be
De Zwarten Engel: bar-restaurant, Onderbossenaarstraat 7, tel 0486 61 81 38
Het Genot op den Berg: restaurant, Bovenstraat 4, tel 055 30 35 56, www.genotopdenberg.be
Hofke ter Musse Vintage Café: bar, Mussestraat 4, tel 0476 75 69 26, www.hofketermusse.be
La Bonnotte: restaurant, Nukerkestraat 15, tel 0472 95 52 60, www.labonnotte.be
Ladeuze: restaurant, Ladeuze 3, tel 0478 25 46 56, www.la-deuze.be
Moeder Stiene: bar, Langestraat 31, tel 055 45 54 64
Paul de Pierre: restaurant, Nederholbeekstraat 135, tel 055 31 94 31, www.pauldepierre.com
‘t Hof Vanys: ice cream bar, Nederholbeekstraat 53, tel 055 30 00 94, www.thofvanys.be
‘t Schuitje: restaurant, Hofveldstraat 32, tel 055 30 58 10, www.tschuitje.be
‘t Stoofke: bar, Rijksweg 34, tel 055 31 31 39
Volksspelencafé ‘t SprAnkelend ToevAl: bar, Maarkeweg 43, tel 0476 42 08 41, www.volksspelencafe.be